Kevin Williamson talks about Klaus, Rose and the rest of season 2


I know that fans have been waiting for almost one month before the 12th episode will be airing on Jan 27th. While in this waiting moment, Kevin talked with Pop Wrap about several issues that will draw our attention. The news that The Vampire Diaries has been searching for actors to play Klaus, it has been spreading through the Internet. And some fans enthusiast with it. So, Pop Wrap discussed it with Kevin:

PW: Speaking of Klaus, have you guys started think about who should play it, how they should play it and when they’re going to play it?
Kevin: Yes we have started casting, but we’re not sure what episode he’ll appear. We don’t know if we should go old world gentlemen – very proper and prim. That’s kind of the expected way to play it. Then we could go and cast someone unusual -- but we don’t want to blow the casting. If it takes us a little longer to find the right actor, we’ll take it. We have a lot of story to tell before he shows up and a lot of story to tell after he shows up.

At the last episode, Jules bit Rose and she suffered the fatal wound. Will she die in the next episode? Kevin also answered the question:
PW: Another big season long question started to get answered last night when Rose began to succumb to Jules' werewolf bite. But I'm guessing fans shouldn't assume that means she's going to die.
Kevin: We implied that a bite was fatal, but those legends are tricky. You don’t always know. We are going to show what happens when a werewolf bites a vampire in very much the same way the Tyler curse played out. I think there needs to be a true jeopardy when a werewolf bites a vampire, or there’s no real conflict. Then a vampire can just kill anyone. The werewolf needs to truly be a threat to a vampire on a full moon. They need to want to stay home, lock their doors and hide because if you get nicked, it’s a horrible, horrible, horrible ordeal.

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