Supernatural: Ruby is coming back


Remember Ruby? I think you still remember her. Played by Genevieve Cortese, Ruby is the demon who tricked Sam, made him almost embraced his dark-side. According to Zap2It, Genevieve who also a real wife of Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) will be back on one of Supernatural Season 6 episodes. Will she back as Ruby? The answer no. She will be playing herself. OK, is that confusing for you? Let me explain:

In one episode that will be airing in February, close with Jared and Genevieve's first wedding anniversary, the writers set up a story about an alternate-universe version. The Winchester brothers wake up on some kind of alternate universe, where Sam and Dean are actors named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They are starring on a TV Series called "Supernatural." And Genevieve will appear on the episode as herself.

Although, Jared's real wife who also his former co-star will appear in this episode, we won't see Jensen's real wife, Danneel Harris ("One Tree Hill's) in this episode. As she said to Zap2It that the possibility of guest-starring on her husband's show is small. "I don't think that'd go over too well. I'm honestly so happy where I am right now," she told Zap2It. "I love visiting their set, but it's fun to just watch Jensen do his thing."

The question after we read this news: will Sam wake up as Jensen Ackles? And will Dean wake up as Jared Padalecki? Because they only mentioned that the Winchester will wake up as Jared and Jensen. And will it really represent themselves in real life or just the exact opposite? Talking about crazy thing, let's wait for this crazy episode. Newest episode of Supernatural will be aired on January 28th.


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