More Spoilers about mid season of The Vampire Diaries from EW Magazine


Entertainment Weekly Magazine has written an article that revealed several spoilers about our favorite TV Series, The Vampire Diaries. Lucky for us, Susan via Spoiler TV has scanned the pages. Ready to be shocked? Here, some spoilers about what will be happening for the rest of Season 2:

1. Damon will struggle with his humanity.

Julie Plec said that we will know about Rose's fate post the attack on Jan 27. But, the more important things according to her, isn't about how fatal the bite for Rose. It's about how Damon will react to this situation. And his efforts to save Rose finally force him to feel again. And make him question about whom he really cares about (Elena or Rose?). But, since we are talking about Damon, he will always have his own ways to deal with this unfortunate situation.

2. Tyler knows that Caroline has been lying to him.

Tyler finally finds out that Caroline isn't the only vampire in the town. This situation will threaten their 'friendship." And although Stefan says to him that Vampire and Werewolf don't have to be eternal enemies, the situation will force him to choose. The brutal confrontation among werewolves and vampires will be occurred on Feb 3. And then a revenge on Feb 10, only makes everything hard for Tyler.

3. We will see how bad Stefan was

In Feb 17, we will see deeper from Jonathan Gilbert's journal and also flashback to 1864. And we will see how his guilt for killed his father and turned his brother was driving him to the deep end. And if not because one character, he would be more evil than Damon had. Who was the character? Well, Paul Wesley didn't say it.

4. Witches war and collateral damage

Well, Bonnie finally finds out that Luka and Jonas have been working for Elijah. So, she doesn't believe them anymore. Unfortunately, when she is trying to find out more about them, she makes enemies that she shouldn't. By the Feb 24 episode, we will see witches fight one another and trigger a situation where a lot of people can die.

For the love story between Bonnie and Jeremy, Kevin said that they will kiss "soon rather than later."

5. Elena will collaborate with her jackass father and Katherine's plan

Although Elena made a deal with Elijah, Stefan and the others still don't believe in him. So, Elena finally has to work together with her jackass biological father, John Gilbert. They will try to find more information about Klauss. Although Katherine has been locked in the tomb, Dobrev said that Elena's doppelganger ancestor still has a plan.

You can read the original article on Spoiler TV


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