Men in Paola Rey's life


Paola Reyes is a Colombian actress best-known for her role as Jimena in Pasion de Gavilanes a.k.a Hidden Passion. Apparently there were several men in her love life. That's what we are going to talk about. According to Teleprograma.TV, here those men:

1. Jorge Cardenas 


She began the relationship with the actor and singer, Jorge Cardenas since 2002. But, they broke after four years.

2. Paulo Quevedo


She was linked with this player during a crisis that was happening from her relationship with Jorge.

3. Juan Carlos Vargas


An affair started in Montecristo with Juan Carlos Vargas

More intimate side of Paola Rey:

• Hobby: "I love cars and speed. In fact, I've won several competitions. "
• Her biggest flaw: "I'm disorganized and impatient. "
• Her greatest virtue: "Sincerity. "


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