Paola Rey and her struggle on her carrier


She was born into the world on December 19th, 1979 in Bucaramanga, Colombia. But, as a young girl, she moved with her parents to the capital city, Bogota, where her two brothers, Alex and Joseph were born.

Though no one in her family came from the art world, but since she was young, Paola showed that she has an interest to the showbiz world, 'Whenever family member visited us, I rose a show or disguised."

She was 12 years old when she said she wanted to be a model. Her parents could not erase the idea from her head, so they ignored her idea for three years.

However, her foot four tall precipitated his withdrawal: "It was too short to get on a walkway and that damaged my self-esteem." But, while some dreams crumble, new ones were born: she discovered her passion for acting.

Although by then enrolled in Industrial Engineering at the demand of her parents, she was very clear about her purpose. So one day appeared in the producer RTI and made relevant evidence. To her surprise, three days after they called for an audition and they chose to join the cast of Fuego verde, which was recorded in 1996.

Slowly, with determination and effort, did everything else ...
Source: TeleProgama.TV


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