Sara Canning talked about Jenna and Alaric engagement, Elijah and the Sommers' legacy


We rarely read or watch interviews with Sara Canning. But, this recent week, there were interviews with her that flooded us. Zap2It recently interviewed Sara after the 15th episode was aired. Sara Canning talked several interesting issues from our favorite TV Series, such as the rumor about engagement before the season end:

There have been rumors that we're going to see an engagement on The CW before the season ends. Could that be Alaric and Jenna?

I think he'd have to clean up his act real quick, with everything that's going on. 'On second thought, let's just get married!' No, I don't think so.

She also talked about her opinio when fans found out about some skeletons on Gilbert family closets and will we watch more about the Sommers' legacy:

Last week we found some skeletons in the Gilbert family closet, and we're about to learn more from the journals that Elena and Stefan found. Is the Sommers side of the family history going to factor in?

I would love is to find out down the road that they're going to bring the Sommers side of the family in. I still say we're going to find out that Jenna is some supernatural creature. She has just as many secrets as the Gilbert family has weapons stashed away in the lake house. I'm surprised all the time by what happens in this show. They haven't addressed the Sommers family at all, but they're going to at some point, I think.

Read the rest of interview to find out about another issues such as will Jenna and Matt find out about what are happening in Mystic Falls? Jenna's relationship with Elijah and trust issue that is happening between Jenna and Alaric.


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