Nina Dobrev answered: who loves Stefan more, Elena or Katherine


Well, I know and understand how you feel, The Vampire Diaries fans. We have to wait for several weeks before the new episode of our delicious TV Series will be airing. And just as usual, we are entertained by spoilers, video interviews or just interviews from producers and actors. This time, Fancast's Sara Bibel interviewed our lovely Miss. Dobrev about her dual roles. I think Sara really understands what we are thinking for this whole time. So, she represented us to ask these questions. First, after they were talking about how Nina manage to play Elena and Katherine, she asked Nina about play the first Petrova:

If Katherine and Elena are both Petrova doppelgangers, are we going to meet the original Petrova this season? Would you like to play a third character?
Playing a third character would be wild! I feel up to just about anything now though.

She also asked interesting question about who loves Stefan more, Elena or Katherine:

Who loves Stefan more: Elena or Katherine? Why?
I’d have to say that their loves come from two very different places. Elena loves Stefan (Paul Wesley) because she feels a deep connection with him that surpasses all the common emotions of high school life. Katherine loves Stefan because her history with him ties back further than most mortals could ever understand. And its like a game of cat and mouse. He’s playing hard to get. It’s exciting for her.

And other most-waited question: will Elena reciprocate Damon's love:

Will Elena ever reciprocate Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) feelings for her?
Although it seems like an adventurous opportunity, it’s a bit precarious to go along with Damon, so I doubt she would put herself in the line of danger. Plus, she is known for her loyalty so it would definitely be surprising.

Don't be upset Damon fans. It's still a long journey for our favorite TV Series. By the way, there were more questions that Nina has answered in the interview with Fancast. Read the full interview here.


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