Rain becomes fighter pilot


Korean actor, Rain is one of actors who climbs the popularity ladder now. And because his acting ability, Rain received offer for role on Red Muffler 2011.

On this movie, Rain who has a real name Jeong Ji Heon, will play as a fighter pilot. For his role, Rain follows a training in the Air Forces.

As quoted from Hancinema, a source from this movie revealed that not only the star from "Full House" who joined the training on Air Forces. But, the other supporting actors such as Kim Sung Soo, Lee Ha-Na and Yoo Joon also joined the training.

This is because all actors on this movie are demanded to have some expertise on flying the fighters. They have been trained since last February.

"They have to get used on the basic fitness training to get through the training as the pilots, so they can play their characters on the movie," the source said.

Although they have to try hard on the training, this special training draw Rain's attention. As we know, Rain will follow the step of his fellow actor, Hyun Bin, who had followed the conscription. Reportedly, Rain will follow conscription in next September for two years.

"Red Muffler 2011" is a movie revolves on lives and love lives of Korean pilot fighters, who are trying to solve problems on Korean Peninsula. There will be actions and touching stories on this movie. "He will look charming and better on a pilot uniform," the source added.


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