Fernando Colunga involved in death threats


A month ago, TVnotas ran a story about Fernando Colunga (45 years) and his girlfriend Natalie, who has three years relationship and already living together in Miami. But, when a reporter tried to find the proves, it apparently bothered Fernando Colunga and his partner, Omar Fernandez.

The reporter Vladimir Gomez, from the USA network of Mega TV, Paparazzi Magazine, wanted to find out more of the mysterious couple, Colunga and Natalie. He was looking for proves on Colunga's luxurious home.

It is said that the reporter entered the house without permission, opened a door and was crossing a garden. Even he was asking Colunga's mother about her son's love life and his upcoming wedding.

The next day, Vladimir received a phone call threatening him to death with profanity and obscene phrases, among which: "what you did yesterday is going to be expensive," and he said that the rest of content couldn't be told because they were very rude

After the intimidation, there was a call from Omar Fernandez, Colunga's partner, who complained about the report that associated him with the actor. And now, both parties have taken legal actions. The program has already reported the case to the police. In other hands, the actor filed a lawsuit against the reporter for invasion of private property.

Source: TVNotas


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