Hidden Passion Episode 20


Summary of Pasion de Gavilanes Episode 20:

Fernando insults the workers and suffer an attack

Rosario backs to bar Alcala and its audiences cheer her. Armando accepts her and creates new contract for her.

Fernando spends his night outside and get drunk. When he comes back, he tries to talk with Norma about why she rejected him. The conversation doesn't go well. Fernando then spends his night to get drunk again.
While he gets drunk, he insults the workers and suffers an attack. And he is brought to a clinic immediately. When Norma finds out about what is happening, she feels guilty. Meanwhile, Sarita upsets, complains and blaming her sister because what happened to Fernando.

Ruth is still trying to chase Oscar Reyes. Eva who knows this, trying to warn Ruth. But, Ruth doesn't like what Eva says.


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