Teresa (telenovela) Episode 1


Summary of Telenovela “Teresa’ Episode 1

Teresa graduated

Aida (Margarita Magana) brings her parents to high school graduation celebration and tells them about her plan to study law. At the event, she takes an advantage to ask Paulo (Alejandro Nones) to dance. But, when Teresa (Angelique Boyer) comes, Paulo prefers to dance with Teresa.

Genoveva is being asked by Teresa parents, and she answers that they will be travelling. Pretend to be sad, Aurora (Ana Brenda Contreras) and Paulo cheer Teresa and congratulate her for reaching highest grade.
All students who graduate are enjoying and celebrate their graduation. Teresa and Paulo are dancing together. Paulo asks her to spend night with him, but Teresa refuses and says that they will do it after they are married. Paulo finds out that his parents want to send him to study to Europe. Paulo can't lose Teresa and proposes to her.

Teresa says goodbye to Paulo. Saying that Aurora and her father want to go home. Aida comes out and tries to dance with Paulo, but he finds out that Teresa left her scarf. So he wants to return it.

Paulo watches from distant that Teresa is entering a cab and going away. He decides to follow the cab.


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