La Fuerza del Destino Episode 3


Summary of telenovela La Fuerza del Destino Episode 3

Ivan (Adriano) asks Camilo if it's true when a boy is kissing a girl, she becomes his girlfriend. Camilo suspects that Ivan already has a girlfriend.

Alicia (Leticia Calderon) tells Arcelia (Leticia Perdigon) that Charlota (Delia Casanova) defended her and tells her that Gerardo (Alejandro Tommasi) is also very well behaved.

Maripaz start seeing the benefits of going to study abroad outside Mexico, says being married to a gringo. Having a party, Ivans looks like dancing without understands why Maripaz doesn't strip or loop, if they are supposedly dating.

We see Camilo and Ivan celebrate the 14th of Ivan's birthday. Antolin decides to take them to a prostitute who decides to start dancing with Ivan.

Ivan learns that Maripaz going to go on holiday abroad, he discovers that she would probably not return, as she will be studying in Denver. Ivan admits that it is extremely important to stop seeing Maripaz.

In his high school, Ivan gets recognition in math and that's make Alicia feels so proud.

Later we see Lucy (Renata Notni) tells Ivan to Maripaz not return for the holidays, preferring to have other activities.

Years later, Lucia informs Ivan (David Zepeda) that Maripaz (Laisha Wilkins) finally returns. Ivan seems excited by the news.

Alicia and Gerardo have an affair, Geraldo wants Ivan to take them to the airport and asks Alicia to ask him. Ivan is impressed with the beauty of Maripaz when she came back. She acts cold with everyone.

Lucrecia (Rosa MarĂ­a Bianchi) is upset when she sees Ivan and asks him to carry her bags up and tells him to call Alicia. Lucrecia says that they should be a servant and guard position. Lucia and Carlota defend Ivan and Lucrecia prohibits Lucia continue frequenting.

Ivan speaks with Camilo (Gabriel Soto) about Maripaz and asks him to ask her dad if there's work in a factory.

Maripaz and Lucia talk about Ivan , Lucia praises him. Maripaz states that she had several experiences in the U.S. and knows how to handle men. Maripaz asks for a car, Lucrecia refuses and tells her that they don't have enough money to buy a car. Maripaz then thinks that she needs driving lessons and suggests Ivan to teach her. But, Lucrecia disagree with this idea.


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