Telenovela Teresa Episode 5


Summary of Telenovela Teresa Episode 5

Mariano picks Teresa to go to school, takes a rose and says that he loves her.

Aurora is encouraged to call Mariano and asks him to take Aurora to school, but after hours of hesitation, she regrets it.

Rosa is happy when they leave the analysis because they are told to deliver until Monday after the competition.

Aida and Paulo annoy Teresa and are surprised when they learn that she would study at the school, she reiterated that they will someday get back at them.

Aurora asks Teresa to give her more information about Mariano.

Luisa is surprised to find Teresa, will give the pasteboard, but she asked to speak, she apologizes but she does not believe Luisa.

Teresa and Mariano kiss, Juana sees them, asks Julian they touch something with the violin, all the neighbors realize.

Teresa convinces her dad to pay part of the celebration of Rosa, Armando says that he will do anything to please her.


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