Telenovela La Fuerza Del Destino Episode 2


Summary of La Fuerza Del Destino Episode 2

Alicia tries to convince Ivan to accept what Juan Jaime offered, says Ivan hate him and never wants to see it.

Esther complains of Juan Jaime and how to despise David, Lucrecia says that pampers too. As Esther goes, Carlota asks Lucrecia if she noticed the resemblance of Ivan Teodoro, Lucrecia gets upset and does not talk about it.

Alicia agrees to stay as it is with her child and not accept what Juan Jaime offers and Ivan delighted.

Ivan enters the same high school classes that Camilo attends. Camilo tells what happened to Ivan that Juan Jaime will buy a house for his mom when he grows up. Ivan takes Camilo to meet outside a brothel, Ivan says he will not pay for a woman like Antolin.

Juan Jaime discovers that Alicia works with the Curiel family and orders her to resign that day. Later, Juan Jaime talks to Lucrecia to get her vote for president of the farmers' association. Lucrecia assured of her support to Juan Jaime, who jokingly suggests having an affair.
Juan Jaime warns Ivan that if he runs and tells everyone that he is his son, Juan Jaime can’t help Ivan because Gerardo arrives.

Lucrecia tries to convince Gerardo to vote for Juan Jaime, he'd rather vote for someone with more experience, and Gerardo says that Lucrecia insists perhaps because she still in love with Juan Jaime. Then Charlota rebukes Lucretia and warns her not to complain if Gerardo is unfaithful.

Alicia asks questions to Ivan about what Juan Jaime told, Ivan says he hates his father and some day he will kill him.

Maripaz scolds Lucia because she is going to talk to Ivan.

Ivan tells Alicia to be going, but will not return to Juan Jaime. Gloria tells Charlota that Alicia is going to resign and that she suspects is a problem you have with a man, possibly Juan Jaime.

Gerardo gives Ivan a ride and finds out he wants to be an engineer and is good at math. Ivan also lies saying that his father died.

Juan Jaime ensures that Alicia leaves the house with a phone call, Charlota takes the phone to answer Alicia and Juan Jaime, and surprise them.


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