The Vampire Diaries Season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray have been released


Good news The Vampire Diaries fans !! Especially for the U.S and Canada fans. The Vampire Diaries DVD and Blu-ray were just released on August 30th. The DVD and Blu-Ray version comes with several bonuses such as The Myth & The Mystery (Werewolf Lore), Building the Beasts (Working with Actual and Mechanical Wolves) and Howling at the Moon (Michael Trevino’s Transformative Makeup Process), Her Own Worst Enemy…Elena, Catherine and Nina!: Nina Dobrev Rises to the Challenge of Playing Two Roles The Perfect Love Triangle: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches: Setting the Record Straight on Who’s Nibbling on Whom for the First Two Seasons, Unaired Scenes, Audio Commentary on “Masquerade” With Executive Producers Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec, Second Bite AKA Gag Reel.

If you order either the DVD or Blu-ray version in 9 hours, you will get them delivered by Sept 1st. And also you can save 38 % for the DVD (initial price was US $ 59.98, but it is sold for US 36.99), and 39 % for the Blu-ray (initial price was US $ 69.97, now sold for US $ 42.99).

Here, the links:


US and Canada
the UK


the US and Canada
the UK


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