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What is MyDailyPlanet? On the first time, MyDailyPlanet is simple blog about TV Series. Usually TV Series that is airing or had aired on Indonesia such as Smallville, Heroes, Gossip Girl, Supernatural on Bahasa Indonesia. I am running this blog because I want to share my personal opinion about the characters, the values, the relationship, etc.
But, it is finally evolves to has two languages: Bahasa Indonesia and English as I found that people outside US and Indonesia apparently need information too. And another reason is that I want to monetize my blog. And just from a simples articles about opinion or review, this blog has been evolving into some many types of articles that you might be found on another blogs or sites on this niches. And I added another TV Series like 90210, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, House MD. And the list might be evolving as long as I find new interesting TV Series.
Until now, I have been running this blog alone. So, I hope you- MyDailyPlanet's readers and friends- will be knowledgeable that might be sometimes this blog late on posting some articles. But, I can assure you as I'm the TV Series fanatic like you, I will always help you get the newest and important information about our lovely TV Series. Just keep in touch with me and please, leave your comment, suggestion and critics for the developing of this blog.

What will you find on this blog :
Non Indonesian might be confused with the categories on this blog. This is a simples guide for you :
News : This category contains news and spoilers about next season or recently season of TV Series. I'm just alone, so I try to only posting the important articles.
Artikel or Articles : This category consists articles that relate with our lovely TV Series. Usually, these articles are the original content from me. E.g, Supernatural TV Series and Christianity Articles series.
TV Series :  It contains TV Series' episode guide. But you might find some spoilers in this category. My bad.
Music : It contains list of soundtracks of our lovely TV Series. Of course, if the TV Series contains soundtracks.
Profiles : It contains biographies of TV Series' casts. Not all of them. I just pick up person whom I thought has a huge fan base. You might be found some interviews articles too.
Resensi Film : It contains movies synopsis. It no longer updates.
Tips dan Trik or Tips and Tricks : It no longer updates. I was moved this category to my new blog : Wedangan Kita and Freeware Catalogue.
Interview : I think it's clear that it contains interview for any person who has a connection or in charge in our lovely TV Seriest 

What you won’t find on this blog :
Don't expect any illegal stuff. I won't sharing any files that violating the copyrights. Every file or download links that I could provide, it is third party files and I don't have anything to do with those files.
Important : I suggest that you to read my Program Policy to find out how MyDailyPlanet using and collect information about the readers.


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