Trik Jitu Mendownload Dengan Cepat(Follow Up)


Tips Jitu Mendownload dengan Cepat (Follow Up)
Setelah mengetahui cara mendownload dengan cepat dan mempraktekkan sendiri hasil dari menggunakan kedua software yang dibahas dalam artikel Tips Jitu Mendownload Data dengan Cepat, saya menemukan kepuasan dan sekaligus beberapa evaluasi. Mendownload dengan cara yang diterangkan sebelumnya ternyata benar-benar berhasil. Bahkan sekarang saya bisa mendownload file sebesar 20-100 mb dengan cepat.
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After knowing the method to download quickly and practised personally results from using the two software that was discussed in the article of Tips Jitu Mendownload Data Dengan Cepat, I found satisfaction and at the same time several evaluations. Download by means of that was explained beforehand evidently really was successful. Moreover now I could download file as big as 20-100 MB quickly.
When compared with download used by means of normally we must be waiting long. The experience that had been experienced by me that is download antivirus update as big as 20 MB by using facilities download that was used Internet Explorer necessary waiting for 1 hour and unfortunately during approaching 19 MB evidently the process download stopped and after being waited for for half of the hour evidently also did not go.
With Download Manager and download file that was same, only was needed by time around 20 minutes in fact not all that. While we opened the other site and were engrosseding in enjoying sites that were opened by us, evidently the process download has been finished.
In my first article proposed used Free Download Manager and Star Downloader . Secondly software that was indeed fast. But evidently had it’s lack. Star Downloader that the version trial could not be used in Mozila Firefox and when being used to download in several sites to download software antivirus evidently could not.
Star Downloader could not be also used to download the FLV video (the format of the popular video at this time) .Whereas Free Download Manager evidently not faster than Star Downloader . Then I tried two other programs: Orbit Downloader and the Internet Download Manager. Secondly software this could be used good in Mozila and Internet Explorer. Keep the two programs in flashdisk and always brought every time surfing in internet.
During install both of them, closed each window browser that was taken off. If Star Downloader broke file that downloaded in three parts then the Orbit Downloader broke file in 7 through to 10 parts. Both of them stable. Could be used to download FLV and antivirus or other software that could not download by Star Downloader.
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