Sam Witwer berbicara mengenai Doomsday



KryptonSite Comic-Con Report: Sam Witwer
Talks Doomsday!

We’re still transcribing our interviews that we had conducted
with Smallville writers and actors after the panel at the Comic-Con
International in San Diego, but as a teaser, we thought you’d like to hear a
little bit about Sam Witwer and his take on the series’ new character Davis
Bloome... a man who may someday spell Doomsday for Clark.

"He is this paramedic in Metropolis - a very cool,
conscientious, nice guy," Witwer reveals. "He’s sort of a perpetual outsider. He
grew up in the foster system and had a very tough childhood. He’s brought into
the story because he forms this fast friendship with Chloe, and eventually he
starts blacking out and missing time, and he becomes curious as to why that’s
happening, and what he learns is really horrible stuff."

"He finds out that he is innately the opposite of whatever he
wanted to be. Hopefully the telling of that story will be very sad and
psychologically messed up, and it will be probably very easily the darkest stuff
Smallville’s ever done," Witwer reveals.

"Eventually he is Doomsday, and he will eventually resemble
the character that DC Comics fans are expecting," Witwer spoils. When asked if
that means he will be wearing prosthetics later in the season, Witwer could not
answer. "That I cannot comment on, but I will say that he will eventually
resemble what people are expecting," he says.

"I just hope that the fans like what we do with it, because
it’s our own interpretation," Witwer says. "It’s with the blessing of DC Comics,
and we are not invalidating any of the backstory that Doomsday’s had previously,
but we are interpreting and adding to that backstory, and hopefully the fans dig
on it, and I’ll take my best shot at that guy."


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