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Finally, after translating for a couple weeks between my other articles, now I proudly present you my e-book. This e-book about Justice League in Indonesian languages. What the interesting fact about this e-book ? This E-book consist :

-Behind story about why DC Comic decided to create Justice League.

-What the connection between Justice League and Fantastic Four ?

-Various origins and forms of Justice League include on Smallville.

-History of issues from it first exist until know.


Download Now !

For others, don’t worry. You can find out Justice League’s complete articles on Wikipedia. Just type Justice League and click search. Why I decided to translates Justice League into Indonesian languages ? I always think if we want to understand something in good and complete perspective, we must find a background stories about it. If we admitted that we are Smallviller ( I call Smallville fans as Smallviller), we must know about Superman mythology and other which related to it.

As we have already know, from Smallville season 6 and in Season 8, Justice League appeared and will appear. And there are gossip about Legion of Superheroes will appear on Smallville. The Studio said that the Legion will appear with their original costume and come from future. So, to understand the League, we should known about Justice League mythology. So, I brought to you this e-book. Download it and please give your feedback.


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