Supernatural : Recurring Elements


While the locations and storyline changes on a near weekly basis, there are a few things that show up regularly.

The Colt

Main article: The Colt (Supernatural)

The Colt, and thirteen original bullets, were made by Samuel Colt for a paranormal hunter in 1835. John Winchester claims anything shot using it will die, including creatures normally immune to bullets. At the end of the second season, the last bullet is used to kill Azazel, and the gun is thought to be useless. However, Ruby later assists Bobby in repairing the gun so that it can use more bullets. Towards the end of the third season, Bela steals the gun from the brothers and gives it to Lilith.

Dean’s car

The Impala

Dean’s 1967 Chevrolet Impala features heavily throughout the series.

First appearance


Created by




41 years

Dean’s trademark black 1967 Chevrolet Impala was passed down to him by his father. It bears a Sedgwick County, Kansas license (though their hometown of Lawrence, Kansas is actually in Douglas County) plate KAZ 2Y5, a reference to Kansas, the Winchesters’ home state, and 2005, the year the show premiered. Starting in the episode 2.20 "What Is and What Should Never Be", the car sports a new Ohio license plate (CNK 80Q3) to aid the brothers in hiding from the FBI

The car has been prominently featured on the series, beginning with the teaser of the pilot which shows John Winchester holding his two sons as he sits on the car and watches his house burn. The car is Dean’s most prized possession, and he protects it with nearly the same ferocity with which he protects his family. In the pilot episode, the trunk is revealed to hold various weaponry to fight the supernatural.

In an interview at a convention, Ackles said the main Impala they use has a 427 and skid plates. The actual car was bought from the Kelley family of Farmingdale, NJ in 2005. The Kelleys were the second owners of the car, they bought it from the original owners. The car was bought new in 1967 at Mathews Chevrolet in Farmingdale, NJ. It was originally baby blue with baby blue interior and dual bench seats.[citation needed] To fans of the show, the Impala has come to be nicknamed the "Metallicar".[6]

The Roadhouse

Harvelle’s Roadhouse

First appearance

Everybody Loves a Clown

Last appearance

All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1


Burned down by Azazel’s followers

Created by

Eric Kripke




The Roadhouse is owned and run by Ellen Harvelle. Her daughter Jo Harvelle works there as a bartender. Ash lives in the building, with a room of his own. On the door to Ash’s room he has a sign reading “Dr. Badass is” with the option of "in" or "out". The Roadhouse is a frequent stop for hunters. The location of the Roadhouse is believed to be Nebraska. "No Exit" shows a roadtripping family entering the saloon wearing "Nebraska is for lovers" t-shirts.

In the episode, "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1", Dean Winchester and Bobby, arrive at the Roadhouse to find it burned down. In "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2", Ellen is revealed to be alive, but that everyone else inside the roadhouse including Ash has died

Series creator Eric Kripke stated that he hated the Roadhouse, which led to the decision to destroy it. According to him, "It just didn’t work in a road show... It’s a road show! But we have a home. No, that’s the point, it’s a road show, so you don’t have a home. So, burn it!"[7]

Ruby’s dagger

Main article: Ruby (Supernatural)#Weaponry

The dagger functions similar to the Colt, as it is able to kill demons. Ruby never explains its origin or age, but is quite skilled in its application and use.

In the third season finale, Sam and Dean steal the dagger from Ruby to use in their eventually unsuccessful attempt to kill Lilith. With the death of Dean and the disappearance of Ruby, Sam currently has possession of the weapon.

Singer Salvage Yard

Main article: Singer Salvage Yard

The salvage yard is owned and run by Bobby Singer, and sometimes serves as a hideout for the main characters.


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