Smallville: Cassidy Freeman Talks Tess!


Cassidy Freeman (Tess) Speaks!

Tess Mercer adalah penjahat baru dalam Smallville Season 8, dia akan menggantikan posisi Lex Luthor setelah Michael Rosenbaum memutuskan hengkang. Seperti dikutip dari, berikut MyDailyPlanet menghadirkan wawancara lengkap dengan penjahat wanita baru kita yang akan diperankan oleh Cassidy Freeman :

Kami hampir selesai dengan memposting wawancara kami dalam konferensi pers yang diselenggarakan setelah Panel Smallville di Comic Con International... Download terjemahan lengkapnya di sini.

We’re almost finished with posting our roundtable interviews that were held after the Smallville panel at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, and this time we talk to Cassidy Freeman, who will plays the show’s newest villainess, Tess Mercer!

"Tess is a go-go dancer, coming to take over the world," Cassidy jokes when asked about her character’s background.. "No. Tess Mercer, she’s fierce, she’s fun, she came from nothing and she worked her way, and she’s super, super smart, which I love. She started working for Lex, and saw how powerful he was, and how strong he was, and she was thankfully chosen as the one to sort of fill in for a while."

Before taking the Smallville part Cassidy appeared in a CW television pilot titled Austin Golden Hour with Justin Hartley, who will be sharing many scenes with her in Season 8 of Smallville.

"The pilot that I shot with Justin was so much fun," she says. "We both played paramedics, and it was really cool to have the opportunity to work with him again, because he’s a familiar face. Coming into a group of people that you don’t know, it’s nice to have a person that you do know. And Justin’s sort of the funniest guy I know," she laughs. As for their characters, "what I can tell you is that we know each other, and I’m still finding out how we know each other," she says.

Learning more about Clark is very high on Tess Mercer’s list, much like it was a priority for Lex. "I really want to know who he is, and what’s going on with him. I’m very inquisitive about Clark, because he was close to Lex, and Lex is missing, and pretty much the only thing I want to find out right now, is where he is, and I think that Clark can help me do that. I’m trying to find out ways to convince Clark to help me out," she reveals.

Cassidy does hope to get to work with Michael Rosenbaum at some point on the series. "Oh my gosh," she enthuses. "Who wouldn’t love to work with Michael Rosenbaum? The stories are incredible. Everybody loves him. Watching him, he’s so talented. I would absolutely love to work with Michael Rosenbaum," she says, revealing that she has been a fan of the show prior to signing on. "The show actually started when I was going to college, so unfortunately I didn’t have a television in college," she laughs, "but after I got out, I actually did start watching it, and I’ve become an even bigger fan now that I went back and filled myself in."

Life on the Smallville set seems to have been a comfortable task because of how the show is run in Vancouver. "They are an incredibly well-oiled machine," Cassidy says. They’ve been doing this for a long time, they’re all really good hearted people, and there’s no diva on set; there’s no person that has a bad attitude, which is rare. And so, it was daunting at first, even just moving up there and changing my life, but it’s been an incredible transition."

Looking to her co-star Sam Witwer, who will be playing Davis Bloome in Season 8, Freeman reveals that there is nothing planned as of yet for them to share scenes, but that the two actors share an interesting connection - both are from Chicago, and their fathers know one another. "I think maybe we hung out at the park, when we were babies, but we just didn’t know," she laughs.

Cassidy Freeman will makes her Smallville debut in the Sept. 18 season premiere.


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