Smallville Season 8 Episode Bloodline


Airing : November 6, 2008

Written By: Caroline Dries

Directed By: Michael Rohl

Guest Stars: Laura Vandervoort (Kara)

Lois finds herself in a very unexpected situation. It’s not a romantic situation, but it is putting her in a place she’s never been before. According to interview with Erica Durance ( Lois Lane) with the CW Source, Lois gets superpowers of some sort in this episode, and these powers may have some connection to "an alien’s wife." One of Lois’s powers will involve throwing people around.

- Executive Producer Darren Swimmer has said in an interview with E! Online that Kara returns in either episode #8-8 or #8-9. This could be the one where Kara comes back; or, she may be in the Legion episode instead, assuming that is still scheduled to be #9.

-We’re pretty sure this is also the one where Kara comes back, so unless there is a change, expect to see Laura Vandervoort’s return as Kara.

- All of the regular cast members except for Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy) appear in this episode.

Source : ( last updated on Sept 18, 2008)


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