Smallville : Possibility of Season 9 Part 2


Tom Welling in talks to Return to Smallville

After we heard news from Darren Swimmer, new executive producer, there maybe a problem for continue the show cause "the cast availability ". Read this news from Tim Surrette at

The Man-Boy of Steel may return for a "gasp" ninth season of CW’s superhero drama. Welling in, for a huge payday.

"With more money. I can finally get a sofa for my Fortress of Solitude!"

Apparently, the reports of Smallville’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Popular belief had the long running Superman drama flying off into the sunset at the end of this season, its eight, but now it seems there’s a rallying cry to move forward.

Welling is the key to keeping Smallville on the air and the CW apparently willing to add some zeroes to his salary to retain him. This isn’t without precedent, when Allison Mack pondered leaving, producers resigned her for what is rumored to be some serious scratch.

The Series’ two creators and two major cast members (Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk) opted out of an eight season of Smallville to pursue other opportunities, leaving many to think that the show should be put down. However, the promise of more Justice League action and a recent jump in qualities has loyalist excited for the future of the show.

Let’s hear it : Should Smallville continue on ? Or should it go with a bang at the conclusion of this Season ?

So, the last thing we can do is waiting for confirmation about season 9. If there are not season 9, Smallville should end with great episodes. There are three possibility if there are no season 9: Kara’s spin off TV Series, Justice League TV Series ( I hope with Tom Welling in as Superman), and the last is John The Martian Manhunter TV Series.

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