Smallville Season 8 Episode 17


Episode #8-17: "Hex" 2009

Directed By: Tom Welling

New character introduced, Cassie whose father taught her about sorcery before he passed away. Maybe Cassie is a subtitute name for the DC Comics magician character Zatanna, like Melissa was substituted for Maxima.

Cassie come in due to looking an item that apparently Lex had obtain before he disappeared. She approaching Oliver and persuade him to believe in witchcraft, and help her to find that item. And she offering to give Oliver his "deepest desire" if he helps her.

This episode starts with a celebration of Chloe’s birthday at the Ace Clubs. Lois attend the celebration but goes off on assignment, and is back by episode’s end. And maybe Cassie in there too. When Chloe and Clark say a wish in the party, Cassie with her magical power make those dreams happen.

Clark that wish that he become a ordinary reporter become believe that his is a simple reporter with glasses while Chloe that wish for a easy live like her cousin,Lois changed body to Lois body literally.

It become a problem when Chloe with Lois body realize when Clark stares her with lovingly eyes, that Clark is falling in love with Lois. Lois is out of town during the period when Chloe is "Lois" so the two won’t share any screen time or give us a case of double-vision.

- Cassidy Freeman (Tess) and Sam Witwer (Davis) do not appear in this episode.

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