Hot Shot ( Taiwan TV Series) On Indosiar

Combination between Slam Dunk and Kung Fu Dunk.

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  • Title: ??? / Lan Qiu Huo

  • English title: Hot Shot

  • Also known as: Basketball Fire / Basket Fire Ball

  • Genre: Sport, romance

  • Episodes: 16

  • Broadcast network: CTV / GTV

  • Broadcast period: 2008-Jul-27 to 2008-Nov-09

  • Air time: Sunday 21:30-23:00

  • Opening theme song: Hot Shot by Show Lo

  • Ending theme song: Yi Ban (??) Half by Jerry Yan

  • Insert songs: See Hot Shot OST


In a school where academic reigns supreme and sports are relegated to a dusty corner of the campus, Li Ying vows to revive the basketball team by volunteering to be the head coach. Her first member is Yuan Da Ying, a country boy who is passionate for basketball but has no skill. Their recruitment goes into high gear when Dong Fang Xiang, a legendary basketball player, transfers to their school.

Around the same time, Yuan Da Ying falls for Zhan Jie Er, a scholarship student who reminds him of his childhood friend. Things are complicated by the fact her family works for Dong Fang Xiang, who she also grew up with. Their encounter may just rewrite the school’s basketball history.

MyDailyPlanet’s comment :

Indosiar has been airing an Taiwan TV Series Hot Shot from this May. Why I called it as combination between Slam Dunk and Kung Fu Dunk ? Come on, are you not thinking about it at all ? We should remember about Kung Fu Dunk which starring by Jay Chou.

I thought it is failed movie. Why ? Cause it stories, some characters look like a sticker, some patch for the hole. But it forced to the story. Although they succeed fuse basket ball and kung fu, but in some scenes it look forced (again). And I think we already know about Slam Dunk. It a famous comic book.

Slam dunk it self involves around Shohoku team, a loser and underdog team under command of Akagi as team leader (capten). Shohoku never won. But when a scamp boy named Sakuragi joined the group just to get closed with Akagi’ s sister, the team changed.

Sakuragi completely blind about basket ball but he is cocksy and always bubble that he is most talented basket ball player. Yet he barefaced, hard of hearing. But, he do a most talented and great basket ball player. Although he fooled in study, he can learned rapidly on basket ball. From barefaced amateur, he becoming calculated player on Shokoku and together they forward to the championship. Sakuragi remind me about Yuan Da Ying. The difference is Yuan Da Ying obedient to his trainer.

Rukawa, rival of Sakuragi (both in love and basket ball) remind me about Dong Fang Xiang. He is star on the basket ball. Like a king on the basket ball’s kingdom. The Difference is Rukawa to phlegm and dub. Sakuragi and Rukawa never talk much, while Dong Fang Xiang and Yuan Da Ying be a best friend.

Jay Chou’s character on Kung Fu Dunk who have kung fu background like Yuan Da Ying whom taught by his grand mother in kung fu. Yuan Da Ying almost invulnerable if his grand mother still alive to keep teach him. So, Hot Shot give a unique and funny combination between comic book and movies.

Although sometime it felt exaggerate but it fine for me.


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