Smallville :Countdown to Season 9


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 Smallville Season 9 Video Promo

Interview in Smallville's Panel at San Diego Comic Conference 2009.

Casting for New Character : Alia

Season 9 Episode Guide.

Callum Blue will be General Zod

Schedule of Smallville Season 9 Premiere

Casting for New Super-Villain Metallo

UPDATED 6/3/09 : The CW released promotional images about Season 9. Although it not include about season 9 storyline but it remind us about last season :
UPDATED 5/27/09: Smallville has sent out a casting notice for a role called "Mason." Here’s what they’re looking for:
"MASON: Late 20’s early 30’s. He’s a handsome charismatic charmer who savors life. He appreciates good food, loves fast cars and sees beauty in every woman. There isn’t a detail in life that eludes his senses. He is a master of seduction... knowing what everyone wants and needs before they do. But don’t let his magnetism fool you. There’s more than meets the eye. His intelligence can’t be matched. He outmaneuvers everyone in his path. Though he longs to find a home, that vulnerability can be twisted -- making him a force to be reckoned with." (Thanks to Ausiello)
UPDATED 5/14/09: Multiple reports say that Erica Durance will be back for Season 9, with some unverified rumors saying that she’ll be on for 17 episodes. In an interview with E! Online, executive producer Kelly Souders confirmed that she will be continuing: "Erica is the one person we can say yes to. We know in the mythology that it’s Clark and Lois forever," Souders said. - Also possible for Smallville’s future: Sam Witwer may be continuing with the series, playing Zod. Faora did say that Davis Bloome resembled his father, after all... - Aaron Ashmore’s Smallville stay is over, after the events of "Doomsday."


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