Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 1 "Reversals of Fortune" Review


Chuck picks up a woman at a bar despite his dating Blair. Chuck follows the woman to a room and the two start to kiss. Blair walks up to them and throws the girl out. She then gives Chuck a kiss and the two leave together.
Jenny and Eric relax at the Hamptons. Eric is nervous, but Jenny assures him that everything is fine. Dan and Rufus walk up and announce that it’s time to leave. The group joke about Serena taking a vow of silence.
Nate and a woman exit a helicopter after making out. He asks who she is and she tells him that they both go to the same school. He asks for more information and she shows him an article about the Buckleys. The two realize that their families are enemies and they have a history of rivaling each other.
Jenny, Eric, Dan, and Rufus check into the hotel. Dan sees an article featuring pictures of Serena partying. Serena then pulls up in a limo. Rufus fights off the paparazzi and helps Serena get into the hotel. They all go up to the penthouse and Serena apologizes for the scene. Serena goes to meet Blair and Dan walks her out. He tells her that he knows she lied about how she spent her summer. She assures him that nothing happened. He shows her pictures he found of her on the internet, but she walks out.
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