Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 2 The Freshmen Review


Everyone gets ready for their first day of college. Chuck picks Blair up and says that he doesn’t approve of her living in the dorms. Blair tells him that she needs to live there so that she can re-establish herself as queen bee.
Dan asks Serena for advice on what to do about Vanesa. She tells him to maintain their friendship since they will be going to the same school. Dan hangs up the phone and a woman named Katie asks him about his writing. She tells him about her writer’s group and asks him to join.
Rufus sees Serena out and tells her that he and her mother are proud of her. Serena then goes to Chuck’s place and tells him that she needs a place to stay. She adds that she isn’t going to Brown. Serena explains that she realized that she wasn’t excited about starting school. Chuck tells her that college degrees are just accessories. He asks if her decision has anything to do with Carter and she says no. He tells her she can stay with him while she figures things out. He then fills her in on his new project and Serena is impressed. He tells her that no one else knows about it yet.
Dan sees Vanessa kissing Scott on the street. Blair walks out of Chuck’s limo and tells the group that they don’t know each other there. They all agree. Blair gathers the dorm residents together and goes over the rules. Georgina then barges in, hugs Blair, and tells her that they are going to be roommates. Blair accuses Georgina of stalking her, but Georgina tells her to relax. Blair tells her that she will rule there. Vanessa walks by and grudgingly tells them that her room is just down the hall. Georgina starts to unpack and Blair calls Dorota to have her set up a party.
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