Smalliville Season 9 Episode 2 Mettalo Review


Lois goes to Clark’s farm and sees that he hasn’t been home for a while. She sees that Clark’s dog Shelby is there and wonders who has been feeding her. Lois gets a call from John who says that he is investigating a story. They talk about the Blur and John expresses his opinion that the blur is just a vigilante. He says that he wants to expose the blur’s entire story. He drops a picture that flies into the middle of the street. As he goes to retrieve it, a truck hits him.
Later, John wakes up and sees that he is in a lab. He calls out, but no one responds. He hops off his table and sees that he is bloody. He uncovers his bandages and sees that part of his arm is robotic. He looks in the mirror, uncovers the bandages on his chest, and sees that his heart has been replaced by a machine.
Clark listens to the city on the rooftop of the Daily Planet. He flies off after he hears a police report. Meanwhile, Lois has another dream of being on another world. Chloe comes back to her apartment and sees that Shelby is there. Chloe covers for Clark and says that she was taking care of Shelby at Clark’s place. Lois says that her new co-worker hates the Blur. Lois admits that the Blur called her. She tells Chloe that she thinks she is the only person the Blur can turn to.
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