The Adventure of Merlin Episode Guide : Season 1


Start from 26 December 2009, Indosiar has been airing The Adventure of Merlin a.k.a Merlin (English’s title). This series replaces 90210 which hasn’t aired from 19 December 2009.
It’s season 1 ran between 20 September 2009 and 13 December 2008 on BBC. The series introduced the protagonist Merlin, as well as his master and eventual friend Arthur Pendragon, and his tutor Gaius. The primary antagonist of the series is Nimueh, a powerful sorceress exiled by Uther Pendragon when Arthur was born.

The arch focuses around the destinies of Merlin and Arthur, and those who wish to prevent them. It also focused on the question of life and death. The series chiefly involves Merlin coming to terms with his powers and using them to protect Arthur as well as other characters. The series consisted of thirteen episodes, each with a running time of 45 minutes.
The show has been renew for a second season.

Episode 1 The Dragon’s Call
Merlin’s mother sends him to start a new life in Camelot and to learn about the mystery of his own powerful magic. But, things change when he discovers that the king, Uther Pendragon, has outlawed magic and that anyone caught using it faces death. Later on, Merlin steps in to protect a manservant from Prince Arthur and encounters The Great Dragon, upon which the young sorcerer begins an adventure that will reveal his destiny. More

Episode 2 Valiant
Camelot is hosting an annual Tournament, and knights from throughout the realm have come to compete for its coveted title. Among those hoping to win the crown is Knight Valiant. Armed with a magical shield, Valiant will stop at nothing to win his prize. Merlin tries to expose Valiant as a cheat, but even those closest to him do not believe his claims. More

Episode 3 The Mark of Nimueh
An epidemic strikes Camelot after the water supply is poisoned by a sorceress, and Guinevere’s father falls ill. Despite Gaius’s warnings, Merlin uses his powers to help only for Gwen to be accused of witchcraft. Merlin, Arthur and Morgana must find the cause of the disease and destroy it before Gwen is executed. More

Episode 4 The Poisoned Chalice
With her sights set firmly on Merlin, Nimueh tricks him into drinking from a poisoned chalice, and he falls desperately ill. Arthur ventures deep into the Forests of Balor to find an antidote, but little does he know he’s walking into a trap. More

Episode 5 Lancelot
When Merlin is saved by a young swordsman called Lancelot he wishes to repay him by helping him become a Knight of Camelot even if it means bending the rules. More

Episode 6 A Remedy to Cure All Ills
A new court physician arrives and his first job is to try and cure Morgana of a mysterious illness. Gaius is soon at risk of losing his job when Uther is impressed with his abilities, so he decides to call in his friend Geoffrey of Monmouth to find out more about him. More

Episode 7 The Gates of Avalon
Morgana has a dream that Arthur is murdered by a beautiful girl and warns him of it, but Arthur’s chivalry lands him in trouble when he jumps to the rescue of a damsel in distress, Sophia, and her elderly father Aulfric.
Back in Camelot, Sophia uses more than just her feminine charms to take control of Arthur’s heart. This strange behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed by Merlin, but can he work out who the mysterious pair are, and what they want with Arthur? Can he save Arthur in time? More

Episode 8 The Beginning of The End
Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen conspire to sneak a young Druid boy named Mordred back to his people despite the fact that Uther has declared that anyone hiding the boy will be executed. However, The Great Dragon tells Merlin he should not help the boy. More

Episode 9 Excalibur
At Arthur’s coming of age ceremony his uncle Tristan De Bois returns from the grave in the form of a mysterious knight in black. Although intent on revenge for his sister’s death, he could also reveal a secret from Uther’s past. Merlin realises the only way he can be killed is with a sword forged in dragon’s breath. More

Episode 10 The Moment of Truth
When Uther refuses to send help to Merlin’s home village after his mother Hunith turns up to seek aid, Merlin leaves Camelot to protect her, accompanied by Morgana and Gwen. More

Episode 11 The Labyrinth of Gedref
When Arthur kills a unicorn on a hunting trip everyone celebrates except Merlin. More

Episode 12 To Kill The King
When Gwen’s father, Tom, is arrested and executed for supposedly harboring an enemy sorcerer, Morgana swears vengence on Uther. More

Episode 13 Le Morte d’Arthur
The appearance of the Questing Beast spreads panic and Gaius warns that it is an omen; one bite and you die. When Arthur is bitten by the Questing Beast Merlin may have to make the ultimate sacrifice when Arthur’s life hangs in the balance. More

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