4 Reasons Why Pasion de Gavilanes So Popular


I have been nuts about this new telenovela which has been airing on Indosiar. It’s Pasion De Gavilanes or on USA called Passion of Hawks, while on Indosiar it called Hidden Passion. Initially, it was airing every Saturday night but now airing every Monday- Friday on 1.00 a.m.

If you have read on Wikipedia, telenovela basically is Latin’s version of opera soap. While in Indonesia, opera soap called sinetron (sinema electronic). I usually hate opera soap because its poor story line and characterization, not to mention it’s always overwhelming. But, this telenovela drives me crazy. No wonder that Pasion De Gavilanes became so popular not only in Columbia but also in U.S.A.
These are four reasons which I think make it popular telenovela ever on this decade :
1. Gorgeous Casts
I remember when first time I saw Hidden Passion, I said, "Wow, telenovela on the midnight. What it is all about ? " Then I was amaze when I saw the Reyes. Libia is innocent and sexy girl, while her brothers are muscles and bulks guys. And yet, they are handsome. And even I am normal man, I have to admit that they are.
Initially, I don’t notice about the Elizondo sisters. But, it just matter of time when Norma Elizondo and Jimenna amazed me. Danna Garcia who played Norma, she has elegant, mature and melancholic no to mention beautifully face. While Paola Rey (Jimenna) has a fresh and beautiful face. They are absolutely gorgeous women.
The attractive casts are the basic key of successful entertainment’s products, whether those are TV Series, TV Programs, movies etc.
2. The characterizations
I always believe the great story line on TV Series or opera soap and movies can make us identified ourselves with one or several characters. And it will be possible when the characterizations are real. The characters some how, have to represent people on their ordinary lives. In our real world, I believe there are extremely rare people who solely evil.
So, I love the way it describes antagonists and protagonist on this story. The Reyes are good people, but they are not flawless. Franco falling in love with bar’s singer who have been a mistress of rich old men, while Oscar is opportunistic man. Not to mention, Juan have an affair with someone’s wife.
While Gabriela and Fernando who are the protagonists. They are not solely evils. Although Gabriela has some bad qualities which make people hate her, but sometime she shows us her fragile feeling. So, we can see her human side. How she can show a compassion to Franco, just like a mother cares her son. How she can show us that she cares Eva and feel sorry about what she had done to Libia. It’s make we hard to hate her.
Fernando is another opportunistic character and he is tricky. But, he also shares us his fragile side. And it’s about his love to Norma. How he so patients, waiting Norma to loves him while on the process, he respect her with never touch her. That on some levels are gentle and sweet.
3. The love story

Norma Y Juan - Pasion De Gavilanes - The most popular videos are here
If you notice, the main characters on the stories are Juan and Norma. I can see that their love story is so romantic and passionate. And its complicated too. Norma had brutally attacked by some intruders (I presume they are workers since there are no workers allowed to enter the mansion now).
A young and innocent woman who never experience any sexual relationship (I presume that since her mother is very protective and conservative woman who thinks man and woman relationship only necessary to establish the social status) forced to experience brutal situation likes that.
Left her be a traumatic woman. She feels disgusted at men, and can’t ever imagine be touched by any of them. The worse was coming when her mother forced her to married a man that she doesn’t loves at all. This heartless way out was managed by Gabriela only to saved family’s name and social status.
The situation be so complicated when Norma met Juan of the first time. Why ? She who disgusted and scared at men, feels attracted to Juan. Not only attracted, she also not scare at all. Of course on the first time, she felt little intimidated by his presence since his presence cause a strange feeling.
In other hand, the situation was not easy too for our guy, Juan. He has set his heart on revenge for his most lovely little sis. As a hard hearted man, he presumed that the Elizondos are evil family who had destroyed Libia’s live. He never expect to see that the Elizondos are not like what he thought. The contrary situation happens when he met Norma.
To convinces himself, he presumed that Norma, just like her mom, arrogant woman. Norma did just like what Juan’s presumption on their second encounter when she talked to him on first time. His presumption was changed so quickly when Norma who had amazed by his action on rodeo charity event, showed her pure compassion toward Franco’s situation. So, here it comes forbidden love affair, a guilty pleasure for both of them. Although I think their love story could be more complicated but it was happen to fast.
4. Great soundtracks
Although I don’t understand the soundtracks at all, but I think those songs are good. It is another key of successful entertainment’s products. Just like Smallville or 90210. Did I forget to mention something ? What do you think ? Please leave your comment.


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