Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 6


Disclaimer : This episode guide, which taken from Antena3.com, was translate from Spanish into English. So, please aware about the translation’s inaccuracy due to the tool’s imperfection.
Norma and Juan dream delayed. Dinora orders the kidnapping of Juan. So, Juan now has locked in a cabin, and his hand and foot chained, and he tortured. The news shocks both families, so they report this situation to the police, and start to search Juan by their own. The most shocking person is Norma, who suffering when she hears that Juan is kidnapped. The wedding has to be delayed, and this situation makes Dinora and Fernando think that they have achieved their goal. Dinora’s cruelty reaches to the peak when she faces Norma, and trying to convinces her that Juan probably is not kidnapped, but flirting another women.
Gabriela learns that Ruth is in the Reyes hacienda, then she tells Raquel about this. Raquel immediately runs to find her daughter in the Reyes’ house. She comes and demands them to return her daughter. The Reyes refuse, and even Ruth herself, who tells her mother that she is very comfortable lives in the Reyes’ house. She feels that the Reyes are her brothers.
Ruth’s present has aroused the suspicion of many people who live there, they’re really surprise by the similarity between Ruth and Libia. The one who really happy with her presence, of course, is Eva, who treats her like her own daughter. In fact, Ruth comes to ask for explanations, especially about her father, Don Calixto’s reaction when he came to the farm and saw Eva.
Memo’s untruth exposes when Armando’s another men find out that Rosario isn’t dead, but taking a refuge in the Memo’s house. After a hard chase, she manages to escape and turns to her best friend Panchita, but finally caught by the two men and beaten up until she is half dead.


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