Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 7


Disclaimer : This episode guide, which taken from Antena3.com, was translate from Spanish into English. So, please aware about the translation’s inaccuracy due to the tool’s imperfection.
Juan spends days on the Dinora’s hand. He has been tortured in every possible way. Dinora wants to make him begging for mercy and admits that he loves her. But, Juan refuses since only Norma, whom he loves. Ruth who suspicious that there is something on the cabin, incidentally finds Juan. Then Ruth and Juan have been suffering , even they are dying.

Although suffer in the Dinora’s hand, finally they manage to escape from the cabin. But, it’s not easy for them even in the escapee. Both of them suffer and near death, especially Ruth. Fortunately, Norma and the others come to save them. When they get to the ranch, The Reyes celebrate that Norma and Juan finally be together again.
After full recovery, Juan tells his family about what Dinora had done to them and he swears that he will pay back for everything that happen. When Gabriela hears what happened from Norma, she doesn’t believes it, instead she takes Dinora’s side. Although, all people have said that Dinora and Fernando have been collaborating to separate Norma and Juan. And The Reyes report what Dinora had done to her parents, but they don’t believe it either.
Pushed by his hatred when he sees Franco is visiting Rosario, he challenges the young man to duel. Armando says that he is willing to die if Rosario’s heart isn’t from him and only for Franco. Armando is shot but he only injured and then hospitalized. Feels guilty, Rosario then reconcile with her husband.
In the Reyes’ ranch, the love sparks between Olegario and Quintina. This couple is trying to find their private place while the party is taking place, to get romantic night but get caught by the Reyes who are teasing them. In another side, Ruth offers financial aid to Miguel and Manolo, on the condition that they will consider to put Dinora into mental hospital. When Ruth is taking a walk to the market, there are people who think that they see Libia. They scare and think that the Libia’s ghost is trying to take vengeance to them.


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