Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 11


Dinora obsessed with Juan

Fernando hires former stewards from Trueba Eduvina to work in the Elizondo’s ranch despite there are strong rejection from Martin, Norma, Sarita and Jimena. Furthermore, Juan is shot and Franco and Oscar think Fernando and his new employees are involved in this situation. But actually Dinora is the person behind the attacks which they are suffering.

Norma and Martin tell Gabriela that the new workers are the former workers from Eduvina’s ranch and the enemies of the Reyes and that they are dangerous. But Gabriela doesn’t do anything about this issue because they were hired by Fernando and she respects her husband decision.
Meanwhile, Rosario meets Sarita in the Elizondo hacienda and they both have a strong arguments. In other place, after the shot incident, Franco and Oscar are going to Elizondo ranch, ask for an explanation. They think that Fernando is involved with the incident without realize that Dinora Rosales are the author behind the attacks.
Finally, Carmela argues with Dominga. Gabriela and Martin calls a back up to avoid further conflicts with Fernando and new employees. While, Manolo and Juan Miguel warn the Reyes that they have seen a suspect rider around the Reyes’ hacienda and Dinora is there.


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