Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 13


Jimena starts a new life with Oscar

Jimena decides to start a new life with Oscar. To do this, she moves to Eduvina ranch with him. To celebrate this event, Franco manages a welcome party for this young couple. On the other hand, Rosario tries to seduce Franco when the horse fair held in the region. But this young man’s heart has owned by another woman, who is Sarita. The only woman in his heart.

Jimena decides to go live with Oscar Reyes in the Eduvina estate after the case with Fernando. What she doesn’t know that Oscar has a fight with Franco, and decided to separated with his brothers and ready to begin a new life away from his brothers. But in the end, they are reconcile and Franco manages to give Jimena a welcome party. During the evening, Franco announces that Oscar has building a nice house for himself and his wife. And this young couple also has building another house for Juan and Norma.

At the welcome party that has organized by Franco, Jimena feels sad because her grandpa. She will start a new life with her husband but Martin don’t want to separate with his lovely granddaughter. Martin tries to calm and take the advantage to informs the Reyes that Dinora and Fernando are coming to this party. The party was going great until it breaks when Conchita comes with a shotgun and shoot Leonidas who has been entering this party without being invited, only to be with Melissa. On the other hand, Juan confesses his desire to live longer with Norma and their son.

A few days later, the Reyes and the other ranchs owners on the region attending the horse show and participate in a competition. Unfortunately for Fernando, the real winners are Juan, Oscar and Franco. Meanwhile, Rosario comes in this event and tries to seduce Franco during the event. But, Franco rejects her, because there is only one woman in his heart, Sarita.

Finally, the Elizondo sisters warn their mother that Fernando has taken the horse fair to sell the finest horse from their hacienda. Gabriela responses this warning reluctantly. And Ruth talks to Eva about her feelings toward her birth mother, unaware that Eva is her birth mother....

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