General Lane and Lucy Lane are back to Smallville

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According to, General Lane (Michael Ironside) and Lucy Lane (Peyton List) will back on Smallville Season 10. If these names don’t ring any bell to you, I will make it clear. General Lane is Lois’ father, while Lucy Lane is her sister. Both of them appeared on separate episodes during Season 4.

Lucy, her wild-sister appeared on Smallville and tricked his sister, Clark and Lex. And she had succeeded stolen Lex’s money. While General Lane appeared when Lex hired him to protect him and Chloe and arranged Chloe’s fake dead. Both of them will appear in October. About how and in what episode they will appear still be a secret.

Also, expected that General Lane’s appearance on Smallville has something to do with Lex Luthor. Well, if you have read the interview with Erica Durance, you already know that Erica had confirmed about Lois’ father appearance. Let’s see what will happen next. Stay in touch with this blog.


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