Lindsay Lohan's mum will sue Glee


Although Gwyneth Paltrow's involvement in popular TV Series, Glee has been becoming hot topic because her great performance. But, apparently not all people feel the same way. At least, Dina Lohan, LiLo's mum is annoyed when she saw Paltrow's role, and even she has a plan to sue Glee.

Gwynet Paltrow on Glee

As quoted from, Dina Lohan's attorney will send a letter to the TV Seris' producers because a character who is played by Paltrow. She is mocked her daughter who has been on rehabilitation center. Paltrow was played Holly Holiday, a Spanish teacher, who asked her students to discuss celebrities. She appeared on Glee Season 2 Episode 7 "The Subtitute". On the Spanish, she talked, "Lindsay Lohan is really crazy, right?" Repeat it, repeat it with me louder. Come on!"
"How many times Lindsay Lohan has been on rehabs? Five times! Five!" she added.
Lindsay herself has been undergoing drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Betty Ford clinic, and is scheduled will be out in January next year.
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