Paul Wesley talks about "Crying Wolf" and "The Dinner Party"


In interview with Zap2It, Paul Wesley talks about how excited he was when he was filming the episode 14th, "Crying Wolf" and episode 15th "The Dinner Party" to play Stefan back on 1860. As we knew from Entertainment Weekly, we will get flashback when Stefan was a 'ripper vampire.' Paul talks about this situation where Stefan was 10 times more evil than Damon:

"I'm so excited," Wesley tells us, his eyes lighting up. "We have a flashback, and Stefan is very Damon-esque. He's lost; he doesn't know what to do with himself. He's living in guilt, so he's just sinful, and lustful, and very Damon-like -- times ten. It's kind of fantastic."

Paul also talks about Stefan and Elena having romantic vacation to temporary get out from the chaos on Mystic Falls. But, the romantic vacation turns out to be something dangerous:
"There are some unexpected surprises at this lake house," he says. The place belongs to Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, Elena's deceased adoptive parents -- so there's plenty of history lurking.

"It's a little bit like - I love that movie 'The Strangers,' where they go to that cabin," Wesley laughs -- referring to the terrifying 2008 movie in which a happy couple goes on a vacation, which turns into a Manson Family-inspired gore-fest. "I was so scared. I saw it in a hotel room and I wouldn't go to my bathroom. I was like, 'I have to pee. I don't care; that isn't happening.'"

He also talks about Stefan who persuades Uncle John to comeback to Mystic Falls, Elena and Stefan who are trying to be martyr for each other, eternal and mortality issue (Elena would be getting old while Stefan stays 17), unforeseen alliance and more. Read the interview in Zap2It.

P.S: Remember, Paul has said that if there was because one character, Stefan would be like this present day. HitFix gave us the spoiler that Arielle Kebbel who played a lovely Lexi will come back on the flashback. Well, let's see if Lexi was the one who kicked Stefan's ass and made him sober.


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