Three Former Smallville Casts will join Comic Con 2011


At least three of Smallville's cast will join Wizard Comic Con 2011. They are John Schneider, Pam Grier and James Marsters. I think they are familiar for us, Smallville fans. John Schneider had played Jonathan Kent for five years and recently performed as a guest star on the newest season of Smallville. While we know James Marsters from his role both as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Brainiac in Smallville. James also appeared as a guest star in Smallville Season 10. The last, Pam Grier has played as Agent Amanda Waller in Smallville Season 9.

Wizard Comic Con will start on differrent places, dates and times. To check their schedule and order the tickets, visit Wizard World Website.

John Schneider's schedule at Comic Con 2011

James Marster's schedule at Comic Con 2011
Pam Grier's schedule at Comic Con 2011


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