Celebrities' beauty rituals secret before they sleep are revealed


Kim Kardashian, Ashley Greene, Leighton Meester, and other world celebs always look gorgeous. Of course, they have their own makeup artists to help them look beautiful whenever they go to important events. But, what are they doing when they are going to sleep? What kind of rituals that they do to keep their beauty? As we know, our skin cells are regenerating when we sleep, and the situation is a perfect condition to maintain our beauty.

Leighton Meester

This Gossip Girl star always take a bath before she's going to sleep, not matter how late it is. "I don't really care  if it's late night, when I go home, I have to bath. That's the way I relax myself. Turn on the candles, music, etc. That's my ritual every night," Meester explained as quoted by People.

Ashley Greene

The Twilight start confessed that she has to have lavender flavor near her bedroom. According to her, lavender aroma will make her relax.

Taylor Swift

This gorgeous girl swore that she is never going to sleep before she removes her makeup. Removes the makeup, smears lotions whether day or night. "Sometimes, I can start my day with a heavy and good night lotion," Swift explained.

Faith Hill

This popular country singer said, her ritual before sleep is smearing lotion into her whole body, from her head to her legs. And even her lips. She also always provide hand lotion cream and extra lip balm near her bed.

Molly Sims

"In my opinion, exercise is something that enables you to eliminate waters in your body. So, before the important event in your life, try to do some sauna or exercise in night before the day," this beautiful actress said.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian family are always looked using full makeup whenever they go. But, when they go outside without makeup, like when they exercise, they skins look smooth. What's the secret? "I think we all have bed linen and pillow linen from satin. It seems help protect our skins so it will keep smooth," Kim said.


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