Gino Anthony Pesi is The Vampire Diaries' new warlock


Another spoiler leaked, this time from the related actor himself. Gino Anthony Pesi recently played as Nick Stavrou in "Battle: Los Angeles," a Marine who sent to the front lines when an alien force begins its amphibious invasion of California. Pesi also has been playing on various TV Series such as CSI: NY, Chuck and Cold Case. And yesterday, on the interview with Pittsburgh Tribune's Michaeal Machosky, Gino Anthony Pesi dished out a spoiler for The Vampire Diaries fans:

Currently, he's working on something completely different -- the CW Network's "The Vampire Diaries."

"My character is a guy named Maddox, and he's a warlock. It's kind of fun, because I basically hold up my hand and people go flying off walls."

This is interesting spoiler. After the other warlocks tragically died (yeah, all characters on The Vampire Diaries died except the main characters or could the main character die too?), we will have other warlock. The question is which side he will choose: Elijah, Klaus, bad-ass team or none of them? What do you think, fans?


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