Is Danna Garcia Fernando Colunga's secret girlfriend? And will they eventually be married?


After Fernando Colunga made sure that he had an affair in secret and could surprise us any time with his wedding, some people began to mention possible candidates. But, the most possible candidate who people could think is Danna Garcia.

Danna Garcia and Fernando Colunga

Even this man who had played as the leading role in telenovela, Soy tu Dueña, already given a possible clue to his new love. On the interview several months ago, he said that he is tired of being alone and wanted to find a woman who "understands the demands of my career."

Of course, the possible thing is that the woman would be an actress since they will have a strong possibility to understand each other better. But, Fernando Colunga refused to give her name.

However, if there a relationship between Fernando Colunga and the beautiful Colombian actress, Danna Garcia, it would be on the professional context. There was a news that Danna Garcia has become a favorite candidate for the new telenovela, which produced by Univision.

This new telenovela is remake of popular telenovela, La Zulianita. The telenovela was written by popular Cuban author, Delia Fiallo and starred by Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina. Jose Bardina himself died a few months ago due to cancer.

But, besides Danna Garcia, other actresses such as Mariana Torres and Genesis Rodriguez are also competing for the main role. While, actor Eduardo Yanez already on the advanced negotiations with Univision, to play the role of villain. Something that surprised us since this actor always successful as the main character in various telenovelas.

Meanwhile, other sources said that Fernando met his current girlfriend in Miami. But, it has nothing to do with showbiz things, so the relationship will remain in complete secrecy. And people still thought that she was Danna.

Fernando himself confirmed that he has a new girlfriend and gave us the clue: "I don't want to be bothered. The only thing I can say that she is eight years younger than me," the actor said.

The attractive suitor, one of the most eligible celebrity bachelors, moved to South Florida last year after he finished the filming of Soy tu Dueña. Last December,as quoted from TVyNovelas,  he bought a spectacular mansion in Palm Beach for US $ 1.3 million.


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