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Allison Mack’s character Chloe Sullivan has starred in two promotional tie-in series, Smallville: Chloe Chronicles, and Vengeance Chronicles. There were two volumes of "Chloe Chronicles"; the first featured Chloe investigating the events that lead to the death of Earl Jenkins, who held Chloe and her friends hostage at the LuthorCorp plant in the first season episode "Jitters". Volume one began aired between April 29, 2003 and May 20, 2003, and was exclusive to AOL subscribers. According to Lisa Gregorian, senior vice president, television, Warner Bros. Marketing Services, "Our goal is to create companion programming that offers new and exciting ways to engage the audience, just as music videos did for record promotion."[116] The second volume was a continuation of the first, but with Sam Jones III appearing as Pete Ross. In total, the first two series included seven mini-episodes. It was created after the first volume received a positive response from viewers. This volume utilized the Smallville comic books as a secondary tie-in to the series. Viewers could watch Smallville, then download the latest webisode of Chloe’s Chronicles and finish with a specific issue of the Smallville comic book which would provide an "enhanced backstory to the online segments".[117] Vengeance Chronicles is a spin-off of the fifth season episode "Vengeance". In this series, Chloe joins forces with a costumed vigilante, whom she dubs the "Angel of Vengeance", to expose Lex Luthor’s Level 33.1 experiments on meteor-infected people.

For the season three premiere, the Smallville producers teamed up with Verizon to provide registered users a chance to view plot updates "in the presentation of a press release from The Daily Planet"as well as quizzes and games related to the show. As part of the payment, Verizon products and services were placed in various episodes of the show.[118] In a promotional tie-in with Sprint, Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles was released dictating the early life of Oliver Queen in a six-episode CGI series. According to Lisa Gregorian, Executive Vice President of worldwide marketing at Warner Bros. Television Group, explained that these promotional tie-ins are ways to get fans more connected to the show.[119] On April 19, 2007, a tie-in with Toyota, promoting their new Yaris,[120] featured an online comic strip as interstitial programs, during new episodes of Smallville, titled Smallville Legends: Justice & Doom. The interactive comic was based on the episode "Justice", which follows the adventures of Oliver Queen, Bart Allen, Victor Stone, and Arthur Curry as they seek to destroy all of LuthorCorp’s secret experimental labs. The online series allowed viewers to investigate alongside the fictional team, in an effort to win prizes. Stephan Nilson wrote all five of the episodes, while working with a team of artists for the illustrations. The plot for each comic episode would be given to Nilson as the production crew for Smallville was filming their current television episode. Artist Steve Scott would draw comic book panels, which would be sent to a group called Motherland. That group would review the drawings and tell Scott which images to draw on a separate overlay. This allowed for multiple objects to be moved in an out of the same frame.[121]

In 2008, The CW entered into a partnership with makers of the Stride brand of chewing-gun to give viewers the opportunity to create their own Smallville digital comic. The writers and producers developed the comic’s beginning and end, but are using the viewers to provide the middle. The CW began their tie-in campaign with the March 13, 2008 episode "Hero", where Pete develops superhuman elasticity after chewing some kryptonite-infused Stride gum. Going to The CW’s website, viewers vote on one of two options" each adds four pages to the comic" every Tuesday and Thursday until the campaign officially ends on April 7, 2008.[122] For season seven, Smallville teame-up with Sprint again to bring Sprint customers "mobisodes" featuring Clark’s cousin Kara.[123]

Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar developed an Aquaman pilot for The WB Television Network, with Justin Hartley as Arthur Curry.[124] However, as work progressed on "Aqua", the character was recognized to have potential for his own series,[125] but the episode was never meant to be a backdoor pilot for an Aquaman series.[126] Alan Ritchson was not considered for the role in the new series, because Gough and Millar did not consider it a spin-off from Smallville. Gough said in November 2005, "[The series] is going to be a different version of the ’Aquaman’ legend."[125] Gough did express the idea of a crossover with Smallville at some point.[127] The pilot was considered to have a good chance of being picked up, but when The WB and UPN merged into the CW, the resulting network passed on the show.[128][129][130]

Karakter yang diperankan oleh Allison Mack, Chloe Sullivan telah membintangi dua serial promosi yang saling berkaitan, Smallville : Chloe Chronicles, dan Vengeance Chronicles. Ada dua bagian "Chloe Chronicles"; pertama menampilkan Chloe yang menyelidiki kejadian yang menyebabkan kematian Earl Jenkins,yang terjadi saat Chloe dan teman-temannya di sandera di Pabrik Pupuk LuthorCorp di episode "Jitters" season pertama. Selengkapnya..

Note : Beberapa teman Smallviller bingung karena beredar gosip tentang adanya Smallville Season 9 dll. Aku juga sempat melihat ada user Youtube yang memasang video dengan judul ’Smallville Season 8 trailer" dan "Smallville Season 9". Tapi itu hanya video buatan mereka sendiri dan sampai sekarang ini Smallville baru akan memasuki season 8. Season 9 belum ada. Bahkan mungkin tidak akan ada (begitu gosipnya). Kemungkinan yang disebut-sebut Smallville season 9 itu Chloe Chronicles seperti yang di atas. BILA TRAILER RESMI SEASON 8 SUDAH DIBUAT, DENGAN SEGERA SAYA AKAN MEMPOSTINGNYA DI BLOG INI. Keep Stay Tune !

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