The Ending of Lana-Clark love story


I think it is not a big news from fans, they already separated on the last season with Lana said farewell without any reason. But on the season 8, it finally revealed the reason from the farewell video . From fans outside US, take a seat cause it will take a long explanation. But, I will try to make it straight and simples for you.

The Video

After hijacked by Brainiac, she made a farewell video. Said that she has to go for goodness and Clark should not look for her. It finally revealed on season 8 Episode Power that she made the video under gun pointed. The malicious Lex convinced his men that relationship between Clark and Lana is harm (remember that Lana is his ex wife). Tess involved in this. And they point a gun into Lana, kidnapped her.

But Lana escaped and she thought that she only be a burdensome from Clark and Lex will never letting her go. So, she makes a plan for her future. She was looking a trainer to train her survives in any situation, to makes her stronger. And she succeeds.

The Power

Lex is missing after the Arctic event. But he actually still alive and hide. Keep on eye on Clark and set a perfect plan to payback. The sickness of Lex is instead of taking responsibility of his mistakes, he is blaming others for pain he through. So, instead realizing that what his done is a huge mistake ( I talk about put an orb to Fortress, he thought that he is a hero, and Clark is a thread. But actually he is the villain ) he is blaming Lana and Clark for his misery.

So, he not only design a plan for Clark but also for Lana. In other hand, Lana tracking Lex’s trace and investigating a project. A project likes Aries Project. It gives it’s object a super power but it not stable yet. Lana persuade Dr. Groll who in charge in this project to use her as an object of this research. And she makes it !

The Prophecy

Shimra tell Lana that she will be known as one of Clark’s reason to be a hero. And that she will be known because her sacrifices for Clark. Her sacrifice and her life be a legend and inspiring stories for her next generation. Actually, when Lana asked her about the future of Clark- Lana, Shimra already know what will happen. But give away the future is not right things to do. ( Smallville Season 8 Episode 11 Legion).

The Final Farewell

Lex’s last chance to recover is gone and he is very angry. The project is supposed to Lex but Lana take over it. But, one thing that Lana does not know is that the suit that she wear from the project is design to absorb kryptonite. So, if Lex succeed, he not only be a super human but a deadly weapon for Clark.

So, when he failed, he contrives another scenario. He sent Toyman to make a huge kryptonite bomb to the Planet. Clark at the end of one’s rope. The only hope is Lana but both of them know what will happen if Lana absorb the bomb. The kryptonite on the bomb is to huge. And it more than the suit can take. If Lana absorb it, she will be a walking Kryptonite.

But, if she not, million will be died. The bomb also contain Lex messages to two couples. So, in his sanctuary Lex is watching them. Lana absorb it and be a walking and living kryptonite. Clark cannot stand around her. It desperate feeling when you can stand around your lover or cannot touch her. And it is what happen to our perfect couples.

Lex, the man whom he neglectful cause he thinks Lex not dangerous anymore is the man who taking away his happiness. Clark and Lana almost have a perfect life in their days. Lana finally be super woman and she stable ( I mean mentally stable, the last time she took a revenge to Lex when she got Clark power on Season 7). They have a plan to work together as a superheroes couple.

The final farewell contains the memorable and deadly kisses between two. Dr. Groll who created the suit not even cannot help them. So, Lana does not has any option excepts leaving for goodness. It very sad. Truly sad. Damn you, Lex!! (Smallville Season 8 Episode 14 Requiem).

The Lesson

It is the big lesson for the Man of Steel. He always taking easy the problem ahead. We remember his reaction about what Jor-El warn about Zod, Brainiac and Doomsday. Also when Ollie warn him about Lex, but he always think that the problem is not a big deal. Now, the problem that he neglectful, be a boomerang for his life. Although you are a super powered man, it does not mean that you invincible.

Is the farewell for forever ?

I do not know. But we already know that Clark belongs with Lois. Lana chances is over. Although she comeback, it’s time for Lois and Clark to move on. The Myth has to fulfill.


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