How To Kick Out Favorite Characters from Their Own TV Series


This article will discusses how producers or writers create a smart and simple ways to make the way out for some favorite characters in their TV Series.

I mean if some times our favorite character’s time on TV Series is run out whether it because the contract ends or her/his story line ends, and maybe they wanna quit. So, how to make their out without losing fans ?

Find a good actors or actress to play a character is something crucial. If they can act perfectly, they can be a favorites characters. And favorites characters is the only way TV Series can survives. Be sides the story lines, of course. The logic is very simple. Hired a good actors/actress, so they can play their characters perfectly. Audiences love them and automatically their be a fans of the TV Series. The rating up and your succeed. And the money comes.

But, how if problems comes to some favorites characters. They wanna quit, or their contract is end, thought they have a huge fans base. If we lose them, the fans will be angry and we will bankrupt.

I observed from some TV Series, how the producers or the writers create a simple and smart way out to handle this. I give a little examples on every scenarios. You can add the samples or discuss it with me.

1. Make the favorite character died

The contract end and the negotiation doesn’t work. Or they bored and just come to you and said, "I’m quick! " The first simples ways is makes the favorite character died. It is a very logic way and fans will accept it.

Or at list make them dying. Like when Michael Rosenbaum tired played Lex Luthor, he wanna quick so the producers made Lex Luthor disappear. And dying and his finally "died".

Even fans want he back, they will think over and over again since he knows the Clark’s secret.

2. Create spin off

This option for favorite character who some how become more famous or at list equal with the main characters. The good show should focus on their main characters. Have another famous favorites character be side the main characters are not good.

When Angel be favorites character and be equal with Buffy, or maybe the producer saw that he has some huge fans base so they create spin off for David Boreanaz. Yes, they create Angel TV Series, but unfortunately it is not work well.

3. Make fans hates them

This scenario for if we want to replace the favorites characters with someone else or if the favorite character be to famous so if we wanna kick them off for the show, the risk is to big.

Look on Smallville. Sorry Lana, your time is up. The myth said that you were not belong with Clark. But, wait a minute...Lana ( Kristin Kreuk ) have some huge fans base. Although some people hate her. If Erica ( Lois) just show and replace her, it will be a hard debates for some fans.

Fans will complains in forums and that not good for the show. So, how the producer handle it ?

It simples, made fans hate her. How ? Oh, it easy. Why Lana not has a love affair with Lex and married him. It will made fans up set. And made Lana hurt Clark so bad. And they really did it, and at list me hates her.

And made Lois be the one who there for Clark, slowly. So, Lana out and Lois in.

But, the producer is generous. Lana comeback, they fix her images (although not like she was). And they made her out as the hero. So the fanatic fans will take it easily.

But, the bad news is they do it the same thing with Chloe on the last season. Fans start wondering what she did with Davis/Doomsday on the last season. From be a good friend and side kick, Chloe turn to something else. Even in the interview, Allison confess that her contract end on next year. And she is looking for another chances. Fans, you better ready...

4. Create a tragic story lines

Yes, create heartbreaking story line for them. So tragic until the fans will screaming and sorry for them. And, in the end they will be begging you to end this. They will begging badly, even they will hope they character out from they show. It because they think it will be a good thing for the character than living in the misery.

I can’t find the exact samples. But it still makes senses. Is Jimmy Olsen one of favorite characters ? His lives on season 7 is tragic and he died tragic. So, the fans think if he not comeback it will makes senses.

So, what else ? I can’t find out another ways again. Any suggestion ? If in Indonesia, the character usually faces a tragic accident so they should have nip/tuck surgery and when it finished, they appear with new face ( played by another actors/actress). But, it will no makes sense for smart people.


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