Heroes Season 4 Volume 5 Episode 1 Orientation Review


A carnie named Samuel speaks in front of a group of people at his friend Joseph’s burial. He says Joseph was part of their new family. He says that there are other people out in the world who need them. Samuel says that in this newly formed family, they offer redemption and hope. He tosses his compass into the grave then uses his powers to bury the coffin. After Joseph’s funeral, they return to the circus.
Meanwhile in Arlington, Virginia, Claire moves into her new college dorm room. Her new roommate, Annie arrives and introduces herself. Claire says that she got into the school after she got her GED. Annie is curious about how Claire was able to get into such a prestigious school and asks what her parents do. Claire says that her dad works for the government. Annie tells Claire that there is going to be a placement test later to get into a high level math class. She says that she has her whole life planned then shows her trajectory poster.
In Japan, Hiro and Ando wait in their office for responses to their advertisement for their heroes for hire service, Dial a Hero. Ando looks at a picture of Hiro, Hiro’s sister, Kimiko, and himself taken fourteen years ago at a circus. Ando says that he always loved her but she started to hate him that day when he spilled a drink on her. Kimiko walks in and says that their new business venture is irresponsible. They get a call from their first client.
In New York, Peter, now working as a paramedic, responds to a call. Because his ambulance gets caught in traffic, Peter decides to get to the scene on foot. He reaches an accident and frees several victims from the wreckage.
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