Supernatural Season 5 Episode 4 The End Review


Just before he enters his motel, Dean passes by a Christian giving out flyers. Castiel calls him on his cellphone and tells him they need to get the Colt from the demons in order to kill Lucifer. Dean informs Castiel that he is in Kansas City. Dean asks him to let him sleep and eat then meet up in the morning.
Later, Sam calls Dean and tells him that he is Lucifer’s vessel. Sam asks to be let back in the hunt for redemption. Dean says they stay away from each other. He suggests that they are weaker when they are together.
Dean goes to bed and wakes up to find himself in a wrecked motel room. He looks out the window and sees the city devastated by warfare. While wandering the streets, Dean hears glass shattering. He finds a little girl hunched over the ground. The girl grabs a piece of glass and slashes Dean in the arm before he punches her out. He turns and sees the word ’Croatoan,’ the demonic virus, spray painted on a wall. A group of infected humans spot Dean, chase after him, but are shot down when a military Humvee arrives. Dean dodges the bullets and escapes into an alley.
Later, Dean crawls under a fence and sees that he was in a restricted area closed off in the year 2014.
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