Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 4 Dan De Fleurette Review


Episode 4 Dan De Fleurette
Jenny gets ready for her first day at school where she is primed to be the new queen bee.
Nate and Dan talk about how the actress Olivia Burke (played by Hillary Duff) is enrolling at NYU. Dan buys coffee at a street corner and finds he is a little short. Olivia, who tells Dan her name is Kate, pays for Dan’s coffee. Olivia talks to Dan about the courses she wants to take. He welcomes her to the school and asks how he can pay her back. She tells him it was her treat.
Blair shows up at a masters of the universe meeting and finds it is just a bunch of nerds. Blair refuses to accept that they are the masters of the universe group. She then calls Chuck and complains about NYU. She asks if he remembers what their first day at Constance was like.
Jenny tells Eric that Constance is going to be different now that she is in charge.
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