Is Mario Cimarro really a trouble maker?


I found several shocking gossip about Mario Cimarro. Why those are shocking? It's because I never thought person likes him would be like the person on the gossips. But, what do I know? I'm only watched him several times on Pasion de Gavilanes.

Mario Cimarro and Vanessa Villela

His recent girlfriend, Vanessa Villela dumped him. And after this broke up moment, Mario started to acting up. He showed a nasty attitude, and not showed up in the filming location of his recent telenovela, Mar De Amor. So, the producers have enough with his attitude, and decided to fire him. While his co-worker, actress Ninel Condel was answering with very direct answer, "No." When she asked if she would have ever worked with Mario Cimarro.
Mario Cimarro and Ninel Condel

She also added, "Lagarto, lagarto, lagarto. Don't scare me. He won't have much luck in his life." It sounds that Mario really pissed up people around him. But, in other side, he defends himself. Mario told Reforma that he is not fired from the telenovela, Mor De Amor. He simply only cut from a few scene. He added that all these gossips are the production company plans to make him bad. And also a plan to defame him.
Well, I don't know who said the truth and who lied. I'll only believe one of these gossips if someone could provide me with a solid proof. What about you?
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  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think Mario Cimarro is a good actor. But being rude it's totally unacceptable. He should changes his ways. Lisa Weiner

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I feel that actor Mario Cimarro should shape up properly or ship out. Lisa Weiner

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