Candice Accola talks about playing a bad ass vampire and Buffy The Vampire Slayer


We know that The Vampire Diaries' producers and writers not hesitate "to kill" any character on this favorite TV Series. After they killed Mason, Candice Accola talks with Los Angeles Times about how she feels excited when she could keep play Caroline until the next episode (or how she is happy that Caroline still alive) and about  Tyler-Caroline friendship which possibly turns into Romeo-Juliet romance. And her opinion why Caroline is such as good friend for Tyler :

We've seen Caroline and Tyler grow closer together as a result of these huge changes in their lives. What role does Caroline play in Tyler's upcoming transformation? 
Caroline continues her role of being supportive. Caroline, by nature, is a fix-it person and a bit of a control freak. She recognizes that when she transformed, she was alone. She didn't have anyone else. Stefan came in later on. She recognizes that Tyler needs a Stefan. [Laughs] Paying it forward is the way I see it, in an odd way.

And about her opinion if she becomes the next Buffy for the remake. Read the interview at LA Times


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